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The Upcoming Art Tours

January 5-12, 2024

Mger Chyatinyan

Plein airs and workshops in Armenia with an artist from Canada Michael Solovyev.

October 2-9, 2024

Michael Solovyev

New Year's art trip
to Armenia and Georgia

Assemble a mosaic of inspiration!

I am Ara Musheghyan, the founder of the Arvesta company, an artist-jeweler, and an art expert. A few years ago I decided to build a project for creatives, — artists, architects, photographers, designers alike.
Today, Arvesta is fully operational, organizing unique art trips, art festivals, plein airs, and workshops for creative people in one of the most beautiful, biright, and distinctive countries in the world, Armenia.
The art travel program is designed in such a way that it is taking into account the time required for the participants to create (for example, for programs for artists these are plein air), as well as enjoy the beauty and artistic significance of the natural and historical places that we visit during the program.
I invite you to join our art tours in Armenia in the company of like-minded people, creators, passionate about beauty and culture!

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Art trips and painter plein airs in Armenia

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Musical voyages through Armenia

Nature is our Best Teacher

Plein airs in Armenia

Meet rich, colorful landscapes, — wind-filled mountain and sun-drenched vineyards, famous historical monuments and plein-airs in secluded corners to enjoy creativity and magnificent views of flowering nature.

The connection between the artist and nature

Plein air, painting in nature under natural light, is an opportunity to display in painting the unique richness of colors and colors of nature, which cannot be imagined, but can only be seen.

Working closely with a professilnal painter

In a short time, you will learn a lot of new tricks and techniques, paint pictures and sketches that you will be proud of, gain inspiration and ideas. You can always ask the master artist for advice  as well as share impressions with like-minded people.

Masters and Mentors with Art Trip Photos

Our Team

Ara Mushegyan
Ruben Enfedgian
Garnik Mirzoyan

Our Team

Ara Mushegyan

Founder of the Arvesta project, artist-jeweler, art expert.

Ruben Enfedgian

Honored Artist of Armenia, member of the Union of Artists, participant of international exhibitions.

Garnik Mirzoyan

Adeeply erudite guide, specialist in the history and culture of Armenia and an outstanding storyteller.


We invite to cooperate in organizing joint art programs in Armenia:​

  • Art university teachers
  • Heads of art studios and art workshops
  • Course uathors and teachers in painting, drawing, design, calligraphy, photography, choreography
  • Leaders of art student groups, formal and informal art communities
  • Artists, photographers, designers, musicians
  • Anyone who is interested in running art programs or festivals in Armenia.

Arvesta will provide everything necessary for organizing and conducting such programs, — accommodation, meals, transfers, tickets, logistics, excursions, meetings with interesting people, master classes, plein airs, workshops, conferences and other events.




Creative people about Armenia


Do I need a visa to enter Armenia?​

The visa-free regime is valid for more than 100 countries, including Europe, the USA, Great Britain, etc. You will find detailed information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

Are there regular flights to Armenia?

Regular flights to Armenia are carried out on a regular basis from many countries of the world.

What are the entry rules regarding COVID-19?

It is enough to present a certificate confirming a negative result of a PCR test carried out no later than 72 hours before entry,⁣⁣ or a certificate confirming a full vaccination.

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